Sep 28

Turning an old entertainment unit into a play kitchen

Easy peasy – just draw on four circles using a black permanent marker and let your kids’ imaginations take over.

Hmmm mustard and fruit.... what a combination!

My two just love their new kitchen.  They have some of their own bakeware, but they’re also allowed to raid mine as long as they put it back.  The same applies for tinned goods.  We bought some plastic fruit and vegetables and also found a lovely cupcake canvas picture to go on the wall.  A plastic basin serves as a sink. Our next step is to make a healthy food poster using pictures from all the supermarket junkmail that regularly appears in our letterbox.

Little balls make great muffins.

My son was most disappointed that I haven’t made an oven door yet, but solved the problem himself by adding part of an old computer desk.  Knobs for the stove can be made from milk bottle caps.

Spot the tin of catfood that this restaurant has in it's supplies!

I would like to find a framed picture with a nice view to use as a kitchen window that I’d add little curtains to.  Do you think I’m having as much fun playing in their kitchen as they are?


I love to receive comments so feel free to leave one and let me know what you think, or if you have any other ideas.


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  1. Emma

    That is awesome!! What a neat idea

    1. Sue

      Thanks Emma. I’ve had so much fun making this with my kids.

  2. Lois Chapman

    Sue your kids get there imagination from you I think. lol This is a fantastic idea and just goes to prove that lots of stuff can be put to good use instead of buying.
    Saw an entertainment cabinet on the roadside the other day wish I had seen this before would have jumped out and grabbed it. lol.

    1. Sue

      Aww thanks Lois. Bet there are a lot of unused entertainment units lying around or being sent to the dump that could easily be converted into play areas for kids. Ones with doors on them would be so great for play kitchens.

  3. Peggy

    WOW – Sue what an awesome idea. You are so creative and come up with things I would never think of. Your kids are so lucky to have such a creative mum. Keep up the good work (O: Good luck finding your ‘kitchen window’.

    1. Sue

      Thank you Peggy :-)
      I might have to check out some charity shops to find the ‘window’

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